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WordPress For Beginners

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WordPress For Beginners

One of the most common enquiries I get is “Can you give me a tour of WordPress; a sort of WordPress for beginners?”

From beginner to winner

Ingenie Designs has proudly managed to take Web Design novices and technophobes alike, and give them the confidence, ability and knowledge they need to make changes to, and manage their websites. This isn’t to say that we finish a project and wash our hands of it. If a client would rather we make an edit or change to a project, then we will happily do that, but we have found that clients love the ability to change the design, images, and text on their websites themselves, and we love to empower our clients to do that.

Bespoke guides, 1 to 1 sessions and video guides

Ingenie Designs creates unique “WordPress for beginners” content for almost every client. A client with a restaurant and take-away business might be less concerned with one aspect of the WordPress dashboard, and more motivated to explore another. Ingenie Designs gets straight to supplying guides, be it in the form of documentation, or more popularly a video guide showing a client exactly how to achieve a specific goal or function. No two beginners are the same, and we absolutely understand that.

WordPress Dashboard

Want a Crash Course in WordPress? Why not get in touch!?

Head over to our Contact Us page and let us know if you’d like a bespoke crash course in WordPress. We can arrange a 1 to 1 video session, or we can produce video guides and tutorials for you.

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