Upscaling to HD with Waifu2X and the power of Machine Learning

As an Anime fan, the project Waifu2X and various other related projects have been on my radar. Wsaifu2X can take a low resolution image, and through the power of a trained AI/Machine learning, can approximate a HD (High Definition  image from a low resolution or poor quality source. This technology was built for use with Animation; like Cartoons and Anime, as they are much simpler to approximate than a real life image. The technology does work on real images, and if you need a higher quality version of a poor looking image, this can be done in a pinch. The results can look a bit like an oil painting though.

From DVD to HD: Anime - The Results

One of the lowest quality DVD Rips I have is of the cringe-fest edgelord Anime called Gantz. I don’t recommend this show to anyone… but here are the results!

The Original DVD Image
Waifu2X has stretched the image, but done a fantastic job in retaining detail.

My Emo Phase in Glorious HD

Embarrassing myself for science is something I’m willing to do. See below for the only surviving relic of my emo phase. This picture is roughly 70 years old.

This is a tiny image with completely crushed detail
Waifu2X has done a fantastic job of preserving what tiny amount of detail was left in the image

Is this useful?

Waifu2X will preserve and approximate detail, but as magical as it seems, it can’t automatically remaster or save any low resolution image. What you put into this software is what you’ll get out. If you’re a cheapskate you can absolutely use this to remaster your Anime or Cartoon DVD Collection, if you have footage that you’ve recorded in sub HD, or have image files that have a good base quality, you might also get some decent mileage from Waifu2X