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Samantha Jayne Tootell

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Samantha Jayne Tootell

I have recently completed a project for an upcoming actor. This project had me create a Portfolio type website, but with an emphasis on imagery and video. This project started as a web design project, but grew in to so much more.  

Video Editing

It became clear early on in the project that video showreels would play a massive part of what the site is about, and although the initial plan was to quickly splice bits of video together, both me and Samantha unhappy with the idea of doing a rough job. I opened up my favourite video editor, and refamiliarised myself with concepts like keyframing; to create showreels and edits that look professional, and stay engaging. 

Video Editing via Zoom

Samantha is very particular about what she wants from her work, and her website, and that is absolutely fantastic. However, this did mean, that shy of being in the same room, and creating video edits together, we needed to find a method of working collaboratively that meant I wouldn’t be editing and rendering out several different videos. This would have taken a lot of time and energy, and would ultimately have taken the fun out of what we were trying to do.

With this in mind, I fired up Zoom, and to my suprise, screensharing, and getting live feedback on video edits as they were done, worked really really well!

The main Showreel 

The Website

This website is one I am incredibly proud of. It’s been such a collaborative effort, and I was able to empower the client to go in and edit the site as they see fit. The design is very light, with images, and headings making all the statements. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have delivered exactly what a client wanted.

Integrating the Google Drive and explaining Chromebooks

When creating this project, I was mindful of the fact that an Actor would have a lot of photos, Videos and other media. I advised the client on the best way that we could share and collaborate on different bits of media, and documentation. I gave a lot of time explaining the use of Google Drive, and how it could help us work together remotely, and efficiently. I provisioned Samantha with her own Drive, and spent a good amount of time teaching her how to get the most out of an older Chromebook. Every part of this project came together so well, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  you can check out the website here

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