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Loriginale and WordPress familiarity

A common interview question you’re likely to be asked in any Web Design or development role is “How Familair are you with WordPress?” After working on a WordPress site for a French start-up I can answer that question in the surest of responses. My answer? Very, very familair.

Loriginale has been a fantastic project to work on, because it is a project run by some very passionate and driven individuals. The re-design/development of this site wasn’t anything too difficult or taxing, but it was a test in how familair I am with the wordpress interface, as well as all of the plugin interfaces I commonly use.

The Loriginale Website 

Not so "Lost in Translation"

Loriginale is a French language project that is soon to be translated into a whole host of other languages. Although I could easily flip the language of the WordPress Dashboard between English and French for my own sake, I needed to be able to create tutorial videos and offer zoom training on how to administer the website. Knowing this, I set about downloading the necessary language packs, and set the language to French.

I have used WordPress for quite some time, but I was still very suprised by just how familair I am with the interface, and how setting the interface to a language I don’t understand, barely disrupted my work flow. Loriginale is a project I love, and one that I volunteered to help with. I am very proud of being able to be a part of such a fantastic project, and I am more confident in my ability to work with international friends and partners on future projects.


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