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Instagram for Winners – Create Engaging and Beautiful Content

Make Waves On Instagram blog post

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Making Waves On Instagram

The secrets to being a winner on Instagram lie within the amount of time and effort you are willing to spend engaging with your audience and yourself. Treat every Instagram post as equal, and take as much care and attention with each post and you will be fine. With that in mind, take a look at my top 4 Instagram tips!

#1 Hashtags!

So many users forget to hashtag their content! When #tagging remember to think out of the box and # some of the lesser used hashtags. If a millions of people are using the same hashtags, then you become a 1 in a million stat. How likely is your content to been seen amongst the millions of others all #tagged with the same thing?

8 of the top Hashtags to use as of December 2021
Adding alt-tags to Instagram content

#2 Alt-tagging

Alt tagging is where you offer a search engine, and web browser a description of an image. This is useful for if a user has a visual impairment and requires a screen reader to describe what’s being displayed on their screens. Alt-tags are vitally important for SEO, and all major search engines and services will penalise and downgrade content that doesn’t include it. Put simply, use good alt-tags if you want your content to be seen!

#3 Instagram Engagement

Engaging with both users and yourself on Instagram will not only give your account a friendly and personable touch, but it also tickles the Instagram algorithm and shows you, and your content as being some “of worth”.

If a user comments on your post, give them a like and reply. Don’t be afraid to like your own posts either. It all looks good to the Instagram algorithm.

Visually striking image

#4 create visually stunning content.

Share  images and content that will make people stop and look, and want to click through the rest of your content. The more engaging your content is, the more exciting your hashtags and alt-tags can be!

Using image effects and post-processing techniques like HDR via a service like Lunapic will give your pictures a visual edge and sheen! Take a look at my instagram account here and the account of Samantha Jayne Tootell here! 

If you follow these 4 tips you’ll soon join the winners of Instagram! We’re all winners at Ingenie Designs! Keep an eye on the Ingenie Designs Blog for more tutorials and guides.

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