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Ingenie Designs End Of Year Review

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From bedroom project, to international status

At the start of a locked down year Ingenie Designs partnered with Loriginale at  A partnership built on friendship and support that enabled Ingenie Designs to spread much further than it’s home town, and much further than I ever imagined. Ingenie Designs is now international, and that’s incredible! With big name clients from France to Israel, 2021 has been a year of growth for me and Ingenie Designs.


Ingenie Designs has existed in an embryonic state since around 2016. it took time, but it grew! 

Ingenie Designs first International Project Loriginale

The first of my French clientele 

Ingenie Designs is available in both English and French!

Entering Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Digital Marketing was something I hadn’t touched upon before, but with so many clients requesting it, I had to jump in!

Armed with a Chromebook, I spent afternoons in coffee-shops learning the ropes of Digital Marketing, and copy-writing. Something I would utilise on Actor Samantha Jayne Tootell’s website to drive traffic and create engaging content. It worked and soon I was writing high scoring SEO content much easier than I thought I would.

Ecommerce projects also came thick and fast with work commencing on projects like grimcraft and The House Of Bathory

Writing high scoring SEO content like the above is fun!

Image Editing with Affinity Photo

In a year that has been personally one of my most difficult, when faced with some not very nice situations I found distractions in being productive. This helped my professional life in ways that I can’t overstate; one of these being re-learning photo editing. The incredible Affinity Photo enabled me to have a “start from scratch” approach to learning. It has been incredible amounts of fun!

With a renewed confidence and love for image editing, it is something that I am incredibly proud to now offer as a service!

More Services added and even bigger things in the pipeline

Ingenie Designs was started with somewhat of a technical bent to it, but the pendulum has swung back the other way, and I’m absolutely loving being creative and altogether more fun. Digital Marketing, Video Editing and Photo Editing have rekindled a creative fire, and current projects are really fanning those flames. Ingenie Designs has gone from a bedroom pipe dream to an international creative outlet that has some seriously big plans for 2022. If 2021 was the year that Ingenie Designs grew, 2022 will be the year it becomes something altogether different. There are services and creative skill-sets I’ve always wanted to tap into, and 2022 will be the beginning of that.

On a personal note: Progress despite setback

On a personal level, this was an exhausting year. Through every setback I chose to channel productivity. As a result of this; Not only am I physically the  fittest I have ever been (thanks to a ton of gym time distraction) but I have turned Ingenie Designs into a Web Design, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, and general multimedia production powerhouse. 

After a lot of reflection: I genuinely do feel proud of what I’ve achieved. This is just the beginning!

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