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Halloween the spookiest and busiest time of the year!

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Halloween is a great time to dress up and scare the hell out of people! Some people are lucky enough to do that as a profession.

Actor and Children's entertainer Samantha Jayne Tootell

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Samantha on her website since around April. What started out as a web design job soon turned into a full blown multimedia project featuring video editing, CV design and photo editing. Halloween presented me with a great opportunity to flex my photo editing muscles. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

See below for more! 

You can find out more about Samantha at her website here!

A Collaboration with Dolce Valentina

A project I work on called Dolce Valentina had a new product launch in the form of Silver Tarot Card Name Necklaces I knew that Samantha would have previously dressed as a Witch, so I set about organising a collaboration! Hours of Photoshop, and tinkering with AI Upscaler Waifu2x later, and we had this awesome looking banner.

AI Upscaler Waifu2x allows you to take a low resolution image and approximate a HD version. Results vary, but it can do magic

The House of Bathory

The Halloween theme continues with a look at a new Ecommerce project The House of Bathory. The House of Bathory caters towards Gothic Subculture and Horror movie memorabillia. This is the type of project that I’ve secretly always wanted to work on, and it confidently pulls together all of my experience working within the Ecommerce sector. The House Of Bathory is stylistically coherent, and already feels like an accomplished brand. I have a lot of love for this project; even if some of it is a bit dark for my tastes. 

House Of Bathory Website

Halloween is perhaps my favourite time of year, and when I’m kept busy with projects like this, you can probably see why! Less than 12 months to go…..

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