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35+ Business Plan PowerPoint Templates 2022

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When pitching a new business plan, project proposal, or even a new idea to your team, having a professionally designed business plan PowerPoint template can go a long way to make your presentation successful.

We handpicked a collection of modern and creative business plan PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly design an effective presentation slideshow for your next meeting.

With these templates, you don’t have to worry about arranging images, formatting text, or choosing color palettes. Just download the template, double click on the file to open it in PowerPoint, and start editing. The perfect way to present your next business plan in style!

Modern Business Plan Presentation Template PPT

This PowerPoint template comes with a set of modern and stylish slides you can use to design an attractive business plan presentation. It’s suitable for all kinds of brands and businesses. The template includes fully customizable slides in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote versions.

Corporate Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Whether you’re making a presentation to showcase a business plan or company report, this PowerPoint template will help you craft amazing slides that stand out. You can use it to create pitch decks, slides for reports, guidelines, and much more. All of the slides in the template are easily editable as well.

Minimal B-Plan Presentation PowerPoint Template

Use this minimal and clean PowerPoint template to create a B-plan presentation to effectively engage with your audience. The template includes 42 different slide designs featuring editable graphics, master slides, image placeholders, and much more.

Business Plan – PowerPoint Infographics Slides

Using infographics in your presentations will help persuade and influence your audience about your business plans and strategies. This PowerPoint template comes with 33 different slides filled with various infographics you can use to achieve that goal. You can customize the graphics to your preference.

Free Simple Business Plan PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to create a simple business plan presentation for a small agency or freelance business. The template includes 34 unique slide layouts with editable maps and graphics.

Free Travel Agency Business Plan PPT

Another free business plan presentation template. This one is designed with travel and tour agencies in mind. But you could easily customize the template to create presentations for other brands as well. The template includes 31 unique slides.

Dots – Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Dots is a PowerPoint template with a modern design. Specifically made for crafting business plan slideshows, the template comes with more than 250 unique slides featuring graphs, charts, infographics, icons, and much more. This template will help you design any type of business plan presentation with ease.

Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a unique pitch deck design that allows you to design slideshow presentations for pitching your business, startup, or product to your target audience. It includes 120 unique slides with professional layouts and allows you to choose from 50 XML color themes to customize the design.

Creative Business PowerPoint Presentation

A creative business PowerPoint template you can use to design various types of business plan, pitch deck, and marketing related slideshows. This template includes 50 unique slides with premium designs and in 10 different color schemes. It also features image placeholders for easily placing your images in the design as well.

SWOT – Multipurpose Business Presentation Template

Swot is a multipurpose PowerPoint template featuring 111 unique slide designs that include all kinds of editable infographics, icons, and more you’ll need to make a powerful business presentation. The template also includes 20 different color schemes, custom infographics, image placeholders, and more.

Modern Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Using this PowerPoint template, you’ll be able to craft a professional presentation slideshow to present your business plan to your audience. The template features a modern and clean slide design that’s ideal for a startup or modern business. It also includes portfolio slides, image placeholders, and much more.

Free Modern B-Plan PowerPoint Template

This free business plan template includes 20 unique slides. You can customize the slides and add more using master slide layouts. The template also features transition animations, editable shapes, graphics, and more.

Free Non-Profit Company Marketing Plan PPT

The perfect PowerPoint template for creating a business plan presentation for a non-profit organization. This template is free to download and use. It includes 20 different slides and also comes in Google Slides version.

Window – Business PowerPoint Template

Window PowerPoint template features a beautifully minimalist design with a clean content arrangement. This template is perfect for showing off minimalism in your presentations. It includes 100 unique slides that come in Retina-ready resolutions. It’s also available in 15 premade color schemes.

Business Plan – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint template that comes with more than 100 different slide designs with various purposes, allowing you to make all kinds of business-related presentations. The slides can be easily customized in 20 different color schemes and you can edit the charts using Excel as well.

Convention – Business Presentation Template

Convention is a simple and modern PowerPoint template you can use to design professional slideshows for business and corporate presentations. The template features a set of 84 easily customizable slide layouts with fully animated designs. It also lets you choose from 20 different color schemes.

Wynter – Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Wynter PowerPoint template features an elegant look and makes it the perfect choice for crafting presentations for agency and corporate slideshows for presenting business plans. The template includes 38 slides with editable vector graphics, vector icons, image placeholders, and more.

Business Box – Modern PowerPoint Template

This creative PowerPoint template comes with a set of beautiful slide designs based on 20 master slide layouts. It also features lots of diagrams, charts, and graphs you can easily edit and customize as well. The image placeholders also allow you to easily drag and drop your own images to the design as well.

Luvy – Free B-Plan PowerPoint Template

Luvy is a multipurpose PowerPoint template featuring a modern and stylish design. You can use it to design a business plan and various other presentations for creative agencies and brands. The template comes with editable charts, graphics, and much more.

Kulot – Free Modern Business Plan PPT

This free PowerPoint template also includes a very professional slide design. You can use it to design presentations for various modern brands and companies. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

VANSHA – Business PowerPoint Template

A creative PowerPoint template featuring 30 unique slide designs. It also comes with 5 different color variations to choose from. The template is ideal for crafting marketing and sales related business plans.

Norman – Business PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint template comes with more than 50 unique slide layouts featuring image placeholders, 500 vector icons, and an editable world map. The template is also fully customizable to your preference.

Rive – Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

Rive is a professionally designed PowerPoint template that allows you to choose from 2 different color themes to design a professional slideshow presentation. The template comes with 60 unique slides with vector infographics, icons, and more.

Growi – Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Growi is a clean and minimalist PowerPoint template that comes with a very simple design that will allow you to easily highlight your business plan through the slides. It 30 unique slides and the graphics in the templates are editable as well.

UpSpace – Business Startup PowerPoint Presentation

UpSpace is a PowerPoint presentation made specifically for modern startups. It includes a set of slides with creative designs and formatting that will allow you to showcase both your business and your business plan. The template comes with 58 slides, 40 master slide layouts, and 11 different color schemes.

Proposal Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Even though this template is optimized for making business proposals, it can also be used to design effective business plan slideshows as well. The template includes 60 unique slides with both animated and static versions.

Business Pitch – PowerPoint Template

Pitching your business plan will be easier with this premium PowerPoint template that comes with 30 unique slides crafted specifically for modern business and corporate agencies. It also features image placeholders.

Latitud – Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This is a modern PowerPoint template features a set of pitch deck slide designs you can use to pitch your business plan. It features a total of 70 slides that comes filled with vector icons, editable vector graphics, and infographics.

Simori – Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Simori is a simple PowerPoint template you can use to craft a business plan for a small agency or a brand. It includes a set of highly visual slide designs that will allow you to showcase your business with lots of images. The template is available in 3 different color schemes.

LIVI – Business PowerPoint Template

Livi is the perfect template you can use to design a business plan slideshow for a modern fashion or lifestyle brand. It comes with 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes as well as editable vector graphics, image placeholders, and more.

UCorporate Modern Business PowerPoint Template

Just as the name suggests, this PowerPoint template is designed for making presentations for corporate business plans. It comes with a set of multipurpose slides that are available in both light and dark color themes.

Business Case PowerPoint Template

Business case is a professional PowerPoint template featuring 37 unique slides. All of the slides in this template are fully customizable and allows you to choose from 5 different color themes. The slides are available in animated and static versions as well.

Business Plan – Modern PowerPoint Template

A business plan presentation has to be bold and unique to attract the attention of your audience. With this PowerPoint template, you can easily achieve that goal. The template features 25 different slide layouts with a dark color theme and fully customizable designs.

Modern Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you want to use a minimal and clean layout for your business plan slideshow, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It features 30 unique slides with modern and minimal designs. The template also includes image placeholders and editable vector graphics.

Marketing Plan – PowerPoint Business Plan Template

This PowerPoint template is perfect for making a marketing plan presentation for brands and businesses. The template comes with 25 different slide layouts with changeable colors, editable shapes, fonts, and much more.

Clean Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Whether you want to create a business plan or company profile presentation, this PowerPoint template can handle them all. It includes more than 20 unique slides with multipurpose layouts. You can edit and customize them to create many different types of presentations with ease.

Planr – Business Plan Workflow Powerpoint Template

This is a unique PowerPoint template you can use to outline the workflow of your business plan in a very detailed and visual way. It lets you choose from 30 different slide layouts to create a compelling presentation to showcase your business plans.

Check out our massive list of the best PowerPoint templates for more design inspiration.

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