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35+ Best Simple & Minimalist Fonts in 2022 (Free & Premium)

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Minimalist design is a popular trend these days. Most designers go for a clean and simple look in their projects as it makes designs look more professional and attractive. But finding the perfect minimal font to go with such a design is always challenging.

To help you speed up the process, we handpicked some simple and minimalist fonts you could use in your designs. Whether you’re working on a website header, business card, event poster, or even a social media post, there are fonts for all kinds of design in this collection.

Minimal fonts have clean designs without too much styling or additional elements. You’ll see how great they look in the examples below. Be sure to download them all.

Hacim – Simple Sans-serif Font Family

If you’re wanting to give a simple yet modern touch to your branding and packaging designs, Hacim is the best bang for your buck. It comes with a round sans-serif design guaranteed to accentuate the look and feel of any logotype, magazine headline, greeting card, or book title.

Eros – Minimal Serif Font

Designed in accordance with the latest design trends, Eros is an excellent typeface perfectly fitting to a pool of business purposes. It exudes an air of minimalism, and elegance, and can be used for virtually any design project under the sun.

Tessan Sans – Modern Minimal Font

This font comes with a very modern letter design that makes it perfect for website headers and bold title designs. Even though it’s not completely minimal, the font features a clean look that will fit in well with almost any professional design. It comes in 3 weights as well as in OTF, TTF, and web font versions.

Halton – Clean Sans Serif Font

Halton is a clean font that comes with a condensed letter design. It features a minimal yet elegant look that’s ideal for business card and logo designs. The font is available in 4 different weights and 4 italic versions. You can use it for both headings and body text.

Groningen – Creative Minimalist Font

If you’re looking for a clean font to design titles for a business brochure or flyer, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has a minimal design mixed with subtle stylistic elements that give the font a creative look. It includes weights ranging from thin to bold as well.

NORMAL – Minimal Sans Serif Font

Just as the name suggests, this font has a very normal and simple letter design. It has clean-cut sans-serif letters without any stylistic elements. This makes the font perfect for corporate and business branding design, including logo, stationery, and brochures. The font is available in 5 different weights.

Orion Pro – Creative Simple Font

This is a creative font with a simple design. The font features a set of clean letters with a subtly rounded design. You can use it to design titles for event posters, flyers, blog headers, and much more. It comes with a web font version as well.

Mango – Free Geometric Minimal Font

This is a free minimal font you can download and use for free with your personal and commercial projects. The font features a very creative and minimal letter design that’s ideal for poster designs.

Nano – Free Futuristic Clean Font

This font also comes with a stylish futuristic design. It includes a set of clean letters and numbers. You can use it for free with personal and commercial projects.

Grafic – Minimalistic Sans-serif Font

Here we have Grafic, a clean, and modern typeface inspired by the simple things in life. It can be used to design posters, flyers, logotypes, album covers, etc; no wonder it’s considered as one of the best fonts when it comes to minimalism, and practicality.

Qiba – Free Serif Font

Qiba is a handcrafted font inspired by the classic poster designs of the 90s. It offers uppercase, and lowercase letters, and can be used for a variety of branding, and packaging purposes. Qiba is available for free, so get your hands on it right now.

HERZ – Simple Sans Serif Font

Looking for a clean font to create bold titles that attract attention? Then this font is perfect for you. It comes in 3 weights and web font versions to let you use the font in both digital and print designs.

Alma Sans – Professional Minimal Font

Alma Sans is a very professional font you can use to design everything from PowerPoint slideshows to professional brochures, reports, and much more. It has a clean and modern design with rounded edges unlike any other font on our list.

RIPPLE – Minimal & Modern Font

Ripple is an ultra-minimalist font that looks great on product packaging and branding designs. The font is available in 6 weights ranging from thin to heavy. Each style has an italic version as well.

Kite – Stylish Simple Font

If you’re looking for a simple font but with a trendy look, this font is for you. Kite is a simple font with creative stylistic elements. It will fit in perfectly with designs related to creative brands, startups, lifestyle brands, and more. It includes OTF, TTF, and web font versions.

Monica – Modern Clean Font

This great-looking font is ideal for various print and digital designs, including logos, social media posts, greeting cards, and product labels. The modern and clean design will help make your designs look one of a kind.

Limerock – Free Minimal Sans Serif Font

This clean and simple font is free to use with your personal projects. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. As well as numbers and symbols. The font is most suitable for creative projects.

Cremona – Free Modern Simple Font

The minimal and elegant design of this font makes it a great choice for designing professional branding designs. The free version of the font can be used with your personal projects.

Ace Sans – Professional Minimal Font Family

Ace Sans is a professional font family you can use for business and branding designs. It comes with 8 fonts featuring multiple weights. It’s simply perfect for everything from logo designs to brochures, posters, and much more.

VISIA Pro – Elegant Geometric Font

Visia Pro is another high-quality font family that features a simple and elegant letter design. It’s most suitable for various branding work as well as other creative projects. The font includes 7 different weights with italics for each weight.

Rectory – Minimal Font Family

This font features a unique design with slightly rounded letters and a clean look. It lets you choose from 4 different weights, including thin and bold. The font will look great with flyers and poster designs.

Milano – Retro-Futuristic Minimal Font

Milano is an all-caps font that features a retro-contemporary design. It’s designed specifically for titles and headings. The font letters are carefully crafted to perfection with consistent bar heights and sharp edges to give it a professional look and feel.

Filena – Simple Casual Font

Filena is a clean and simple font that’s ideal for casual and fun designs. It features 3 different weights with ultra-thin and tall letters. The font will especially look great on greeting cards, posters, and T-shirts.

Rota – Free Minimal Font Family

Rota is a family of fonts that you can download and use completely free of charge. It includes 20 different fonts with geometric and minimal designs. They are perfect for all kinds of professional and creative designs.

Azonix – Free Modern Minimal Font

This free font comes with a bold and modern look that makes it a great choice for logo designs. It’s an all-caps font featuring numbers and symbols. You can use it for free with personal and commercial projects.

Lúna – Luxury Clean Font

Minimal fonts are a great choice for luxury branding designs. This font is a good example that shows how you can use a clean font for luxury logo designs. It comes in multiple weights with thin to bold designs as well.

BROOKLYN – Clean & Minimal Font

Brooklyn is a simple font with a minimalist design. It’s perfect for logos, headings, titles, and much more. The font includes 4 weights as well as italics for each weight. It’s available in OTF, TTF, and web font versions.

Exensa Grotesk – Bold Minimal Font

If you want to use a clean font with a bold letter design to craft attractive titles, this font will come in handy. It features a thick lettering design and it comes in 5 different weights. You can use it for website headers, posters, and much more.

Dotcom – Clean Sans Font Family

Another clean sans serif font with modern letters and sharp edges. This font is suitable for professional projects, especially related to corporate brands and startups. The font includes 3 weights.

Rejova – Free Sans-serif Font

If you’re looking for a versatile font that can virtually be used for any purpose, Rejova is your best bet. It features a sophisticated, adaptable design that will look good on any branding or packaging material it’s used on. Try it out today!

Zevida – Modern Minimal Font Family

Zevida is a beautifully elegant family of fonts that features a minimal design. It’s perfect for business card designs, logo designs, product labels, and everything in between. The font comes in 4 different weights as well.

Zilap – Free Minimalist Sans Serif Font

This free font also comes with a minimalist letter design. It’s perfect for creative website headers, posters, and social media posts. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Arthead – Modern Sans-serif Font

If you’re looking to hunt down the best minimalist fonts, Arthead is an excellent contender for your cash. It’s a modern sans-serif typeface perfectly suited to businesses looking to achieve chic and upscale-looking branding designs.

Camoufalge – Modern Minimalist Font

Camoufalge is a solid font choice that exudes luxury and opulence and offers a high level of readability. It’s a contemporary sans-serif option that stands at the top of the league when it comes to the best bold minimalist fonts out there.

Centauri – Simple Futuristic Font

Check out Centauri, one of the most popular modern minimalist fonts that offer a futuristic design with wide letters. It comes packed with uppercase, and alternate characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. Give Centauri a shot.

Auvelle – Elegant Display Font

Auvelle is a marvelous typeface that you should keep in your arsenal for projects that require a high level of elegance, and minimalism combined with swankiness. In fact, whenever there is a list of the best simple fonts with a touch of modernity, Auvelle can be found within.

Cainamons – Classy Vintage Font

Cainamons is a modern, and classy font that looks stunning on fashion, and apparel projects, album covers, logos, magazines, and a multitude of other brand identity projects. Unlike those minimalist fonts available free of charge floating over the internet that anyone can get their hands on, Cainamons is an exclusive, one of its kind option that will truly make your designs stand out.

For more inspiration, check out our best modern serif fonts collection.

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