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35+ Best Instagram Mockup Templates (Story & Post) 2022

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Instagram is a platform full of visual designs. The better your photos look, the more attention you get. And when you’re a designer promoting Instagram posts and story designs, you’ll need an equally beautiful mockup to showcase them.

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency showing off designs on a portfolio or a freelancer presenting Instagram designs to a client, you’ll need gorgeous-looking mockups to showcase your designs like a true professional.

To help you find the right mockup for your Instagram design, we rounded up some of the best Instagram post and story mockup templates. There are all kinds of mockups in this collection, featuring perspective views and customizable designs.

We made sure to include a few free templates as well. Have a look.

Perspective Instagram Story Mockup

Mockups with perspective views allow you to showcase multiple designs while giving them more attention with a natural look. This mockup features the same design. It’s perfect for showcasing several Instagram story designs at once. Especially for designing a background for a website, app, or even promoting your story template designs.

Perspective Instagram Post Mockup

Why show off your Instagram post designs one by one when you can show 10 posts at once. This mockup is made for promoting your Instagram post designs with a perspective view. It’ll come in handy when promoting Instagram posts on a website or even in presentations. You can easily customize the template as well.

Editable Instagram Post Mockup Template

This mockup template is quite special as it allows you to showcase your Instagram post designs in a more realistic way. It features a device mockup with a realistic Instagram layout mockup. It’ll allow you to show your designs as if they’re actually published on Instagram. The template features smart objects so you can place your own design with just one-click.

Instagram Post Mockup with Perspective View

Want to show off your Instagram posts with a stylish 3D-like view? Then this mockup is perfect for you. This mockup template allows you to show off your designs using a 3D perspective view. It includes separated shadows and the background can be easily changed to your preference without affective the perspective effect.

Instagram Mockup Template for Stories

Another 3D perspective mockup. This one is made for showcasing Instagram story designs. This template also comes with editable shadows, changeable backgrounds, and automatic perspective effect. You can also place your designs in the mockup with just one-click using the smart object layers.

Free Instagram Story Mockup

This simple yet beautiful Instagram story mockup is perfect for promoting story designs for all kinds of businesses and brands. The template features 3 different layouts for standard, sponsored, and personal story layouts.

Valentine Instagram Post Mockup

This Valentine, paint your Instagram posts in the color of love. This mockup pack is one of our favorite options on this list, and we are sure you’ll fall in love with it too. It’s beautiful, adorable, and lovely to say the least. Drop everything, and get it today!

Free Instagram Post Mockup

Tell your brand story in an impressive manner with this 3D perspective Instagram post mockup. Thanks to the smart object functionality, editing everything from the design, or images to colors is a piece of cake. So you no longer have to dread creating a mockup from scratch and instead keep all your focus on the design.

Free Instagram Story UI Mockup

Another free Instagram story mockup. This one, however, is different. Mainly because it comes with a device mockup. So you get to show the story designs as if it’s live on Instagram.

Instagram Post with iPhone Mockup Template

This creative mockup template is perfect for showcasing and presenting your Instagram post designs. It comes with an iPhone mockup as well. You can easily edit the mockup template using smart objects to place your own designs.

Instagram Post with iPhone Mockup Template 2

Similar to the previous mockup template, this one also comes with an iPhone device mockup. It’s also available in 4 different mockup scenes. All of which you can customize with Photoshop.

Modern Instagram Mockup For Stories

If you’re looking for an elegant mockup template to show off beautiful Instagram story designs on a luxury branding website, this mockup is the one for you. It features a stylish perspective view with multiple placeholders for adding Instagram stories in a beautiful way. The template is easily editable and comes with organized layers.

PSD Mockup for Instagram Stories

This Instagram mockup is great for showcasing multiple Instagram story designs in one place. It also features a layout that will work great as a website or social media page header. The template is available in 3000 x 2000 resolution with changeable backgrounds and editable shadows.

Creative Instagram Post Mockup Template

Another stunning Instagram post mockup template for promoting multiple designs at once. It features a creative perspective view and allows you to easily edit to change shadows and adjust shading to your preference. You can customize the mockup using Photoshop CS4 or higher.

Facebook & Instagram Mockup Template

This is a bundle of mockup templates that includes mockups for both Instagram and Facebook. The specialty of this mockup is that it features mobile app and desktop site mockups. You can use them to show off your post designs in an Instagram feed using both versions of the platform.

6 Instagram Post Mockups

This product consists of 6 Instagram post mockups, customizable in Adobe Photoshop. It’s a smart object operated template with well-organized layers and adjustable background. All in all, you can consider giving this product a try.

Realistic Instagram Post Mockup

Our next product is a realistic Instagram post mockup offering a marvelous design. The mockup is fully layered, and organized, can be customized to your heart’s content, and is available in Photoshop format. Get your hands on it today!

Free Instagram Post Mockup Template

If you want to get approval from your client on an Insta post design in just one go, look no further than this mockup template. It can be fully customized in Photoshop and is surprisingly available for free. One of the best Instagram post mockups out there!

Moos – Mobile Social Media Mockup Pack

This collection of social media mockup templates is perfect for social media marketers and agencies. It includes 12 unique post mockup templates in multiple sizes for promoting Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, as well as for blogs and website mockups. All of the templates feature editable backgrounds as well.

Free Instagram Post Mockup Templates

This is a free Instagram post mockup that comes with a realistic Instagram user interface. Using this template, you can make your post designs look natural and even let clients see what the designs will look like when published on the social network.

Realistic Instagram Post Mockup Template

Here we have a realistic mockup collection that will help you showcase your Instagram posts in the best light possible, from different angles. Editing the mockups is very easy thanks to the smart object functionality. Check it out now.

Free Instagram Mockup Post & Story

Another great free Instagram mockup bundle featuring both story and post mockup. This pack also allows you to show off your designs using a realistic iPhone and Instagram user interface layouts.

Instagram UI Mockup Templates

This Instagram mockup doubles as both an Instagram profile mockup and a post mockup. You can use it to show post designs in a realistic Instagram interface as well as with perspective post layouts. The bundle includes multiple mockup templates with easily editable smart objects.

Instagram Stories Mockup With Device

This Instagram story mockup template lets you show off your designs in a more natural way while showing it in a device being held by a hand. The template is fully customizable and it includes 5 different mockup templates as well.

Instagram & Social Media Mockups

This is a multipurpose social media mockup pack that includes 5 different templates for showcasing all sizes of social media post designs, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The templates come with organized layers and they are fully customizable.

Instagram Post & Smartphone Mockup

Next up is a stunning Instagram post and smartphone mockup that will give you photorealistic results in just a few clicks. Editing with the smart object feature is as easy as pie; you have to really see it to believe it. Get your hands on it now!

7 Instagram Post Mockup

Here we have a set of 7 Instagram post mockups guaranteed to help present your work to your clients in excellent quality. If you truly value standing out from the pack, this product is the perfect choice for you. Grab it right away!

Instagram Stories Card Mockup

A collection of Instagram story mockups featuring perspective views. It includes 9 different views for promoting Instagram story designs. The templates are also easily editable and feature editable shadows, filters, and highlights as well.

Free PSD Instagram MockUp

This free Instagram post mockup is perfect for showcasing your Instagram designs in a professional way. The template is fully customizable and free to download and use with your personal projects.

Free Instagram Stories Mockup PSD Template

A fully customizable Instagram Story mockup featuring editable layers and Instagram user interface. You can download the mockup for free and customize it with Photoshop.

Free Instagram Ads Mockup Template

If you’re working on an Instagram banner ad design, use this free template to present it to your client. This template features an Instagram sponsored post template that you can edit and customize to your preference.

Modern Instagram Story Template

Whether you are a designer, blogger, or entrepreneur, this gorgeous Instagram story template will impress your audience and up your social media marketing game. The pack includes 9 minimal and eye-catching designs.

Eva Instagram Profile Template

The Eva Instagram profile template is a beautiful, puzzle-style set of post templates designed to add a sense of style and cohesion to your Instagram feed. Each file is fully customizable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop and incorporates smart objects, vector shapes, and full layering for a high-quality finish.

Sundee Instagram Post Template

This bundle of six creative Instagram post templates will save you heaps of time in creating catchy and engaging content to help grow your follower base and connect with your audience. It includes free fonts, smart objects, and vector shapes, and the design features bold and thin typography and beautiful solid colors.

Lumina Instagram Story Template

Lumina is a modern and versatile collection of six Instagram story templates that are ideal for any business or influencer account, or even for use with your own personal social media. Designed natively for Instagram, each template features fully editable text, colors, and graphic elements.

Photopick Instagram Profile Template

Photopick is a bright, colorful set of Instagram post templates that are fully customizable using Photoshop, and feature fully layered elements, vector based shapes, smart object image placement, and editable fonts and colors. It’s a particularly good option for small businesses and creative professionals that want to make an impact!

Looking for Instagram templates? Then check out our collection of best Instagram post and story templates.

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