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20+ Instagram Video Templates for After Effects (Stories + More)

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Videos are the most effective way to promote products and businesses on Instagram. They not only drive more engagement but also allows you to stand out in user feeds.

According to recent stats, 62.7% of posts on Instagram business accounts are photos and only 16.3% are videos. Needless to say, you’ll have a much higher advantage over your competition if you make video content to promote your brand.

Making Instagram videos is also not that difficult. With the help of After Effects Instagram templates, you can easily make amazing-looking videos without effort.

This collection includes some of the best After Effects templates you can use to create Instagram videos and stories. All you need is a subscription to After Effects and you can edit these templates all by yourself. Have a look.

Duotone After Effects Instagram Fashion Video Templates

This video template collection for Instagram is perfect for fashion brands promoting clothing and beauty products. It includes a collection of beautiful templates that uses the colorful duotone effect. You can also use them to easily create video content using photos, especially for product promos and sales.

After Effects Instagram Post Templates Bundle

The modern and trendy designs of these templates will help you make attractive Instagram videos for promoting various types of brands and businesses. There are more than 60 different slide designs included in this bundle with fully customizable layouts. The templates are available in square formats, perfect for Instagram posts.

Instagram Typography After Effects Templates

If you’re a fan of minimalist and typography-based videos, this collection of After Effects Instagram templates is perfect for you. It includes 15 unique video templates for making typography-themed videos. They feature minimal and clean designs that effectively highlight the text above all else.

Instagram Video Post Templates for After Effects

A collection of square video templates for making simple and modern posts for Instagram. These templates are designed with fashion brands and influencers in mind. They are easy to customize and you can easily add your own videos or photos into the templates to create engaging videos for your channel.

50 Instagram Story After Effects Templates

You’ll have plenty of different styles of Instagram templates to choose from with this big bundle of After Effects templates. It includes 50 different Instagram story templates for all kinds of brands and businesses. There are templates for fashion promos, sales, beauty bloggers, travel bloggers, and more.

Free Animated Instagram Stories for After Effects

A collection of 5 beautifully designed Instagram story templates for After Effects. Believe it or not, they are free to download. These templates feature creative and cool designs that will make your Stories look even more engaging.

Vacation – Free After Effects Instagram Story Templates

If you have a travel or vacation-themed Instagram page, the After Effects templates in this pack are perfect for making amazing Stories. There are 3 templates in this pack with beautifully animated illustrations. And you can download them for free.

Trendy After Effects Instagram Video Templates

With this bundle of Instagram video templates, you can design Instagram posts that will truly stand out from the crowd. There are lots of amazing After Effects templates in this pack with trendy and creative styles of designs. They are especially suitable for promoting design agencies, fashion brands, and even high-end products.

Grunge-Style Instagram Story After Effects Templates

The grunge-style of designs are great for adding a classic urban look to your Instagram videos. With these templates, you’ll have plenty of choices for making product and brand promo videos using the same design style. There are 20 After Effects templates included in this bundle.

After Effects Instagram Templates for Music & DJs

This is a collection of After Effects Instagram templates for DJs and musicians. It includes many different post designs you can use to promote your music on Instagram. The templates feature audio visualizer animations along with the option for adding images and text to the videos. It includes templates for making Instagram stories as well.

Fashion Promo Story Templates for After Effects

If you’re planning a promo campaign for a fashion or beauty brand, this After Effects Instagram template pack will help craft the perfect Instagram Story for your brand. It includes 6 creative Story designs with space for adding your own product photos. You can also change the text, colors, and layout to your preference as well.

150+ After Effects Instagram Story Templates

A massive bundle full of Instagram story templates. There are more than 150 different After Effects templates in this pack featuring various styles of designs. There are templates for fashion brands, beauty products, luxury brands, agencies, and more. Each template also supports full customization.

Seasonal Sale – Free Instagram Story Video Template

Making a quick promo video for your seasonal sale offers? Then you can grab this After Effects template for free to make an effective Instagram story. It features a very simple design with a fully customizable layout.

Free Bold After Effects Instagram Story Template

Whether you want to make a bold statement or send well wishes, this Instagram Story template can be used to create many different types of video clips. It’s free to download and includes subtle animations to give a professional look to your videos.

Travel Instagram After Effects Video Templates

This bundle of After Effects templates is made specifically for travel bloggers and influencers for making entertaining videos to engage with your audience. The pack includes 6 different video templates with creative layouts. You can use them to promote your latest vlogs, blog posts, travel tips, and more.

Creative Instagram Story Templates for After Effects

This is a collection of Instagram story video templates with very unique designs. These After Effects templates feature creative and stylish layouts for promoting your products and brand in an attractive way. Unlike most promo videos you see on the platform, these will surely make your brand look different on user feeds.

Real Estate Promo After Effects Instagram Templates

A must-have bundle of Instagram video templates for promoting real estate businesses. There are many stylish Instagram post templates in this collection for promoting properties and your real estate agency services. The templates can be easily customized to add your own images and text.

Elegant Instagram Story Templates for After Effects

Looking for stylish and elegant Instagram story templates to create content for your business page? Then this After Effects templates collection is perfect for you. It includes 16 creative and trendy Instagram story designs, especially suitable for promoting fashion, apparel, and luxury brands.

After Effects Instagram Story Templates for Businesses

Creating promo videos for corporate and small businesses can be tricky since you have to make them look attractive and professional at the same time. The templates in this bundle are designed with both those elements in mind. It includes more than 10 different Instagram Story templates for making professional videos for promoting corporate businesses.

3D Box – Free After Effects Instagram Story Template

This Instagram video template is great for promoting products, music, blog posts, and much more. It features a 3D box animation with editable text and media placeholders. You can customize it very easily.

Shape Animation – Free Instagram Story Video Template

Another free Instagram video template for After Effects. This template comes with a minimal and clean shape animation. And it’s great for making Instagram stories for agencies, corporate brands, and businesses.

Typography Instagram Story Templates for After Effects

This bundle features a collection of typography-themed Instagram story templates you can edit in After Effects. These Story templates are available in 7 different categories and they also come in 3 different sizes, allowing you to use them to make both Instagram posts or Story videos.

Grid System Instagram Story Templates for After Effects

The Instagram templates in this pack feature a unique style of design that uses a stylish grid system to create a beautiful layout. Each template has a creative look that makes them perfect for creative agencies, design firms, freelancers, and more. You can easily customize them to add your own fonts, text, and images as well.

100 After Effects Instagram Story Templates

With 100 different Instagram story templates to choose from, this massive bundle presents you with plenty of choices for crafting unique and stylish video content for your page. Featuring fully editable designs, each After Effects template is different and they are ideal for various types of businesses and professionals.

For more amazing Instagram templates, you can check out our best Instagram banner templates collection.

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