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20+ Best Sales PowerPoint Templates (Sales PPT Pitches)

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Learning to craft successful and better-looking sales presentations is one of the key skills you should master as a marketer or sales rep.

In this digital era, being able to deliver great presentations is not enough. You also need to be able to design attractive and beautiful slides that engage with your audience while adding more context to your speech.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a designer or take courses to design such effective PowerPoint presentations. All you need is the right PowerPoint template.

In this post, we bring you a collection of PowerPoint sales presentation templates to help you find the right designs for your sales plan, proposal, and pitch slide decks. Be sure to save these templates for future events and meetings.

Business Sales PowerPoint Presentation Template

Sales presentations don’t always have to be all stats and data, they can be beautiful too. This PowerPoint template allows you to design more effective slideshows with modern layouts with creative animations. There are more than 50 unique slide designs included in this template. You can easily edit and customize them to your preference.

Sales Strategy Powerpoint Template

If you want to make your sales strategy presentations more effective, you should consider creating a slideshow with more visual elements. This PowerPoint template will help you get that job done. It includes 30 unique slides you can use to present your sales plan and strategy in a step-by-step approach.

Sales Pitch PowerPoint Template

A great pitch deck goes a long way to make sure your sales pitch stays on point. It will also help convince your audience of your skills and knowledge on the topic. Be sure to use this PowerPoint template to design such a killer slide deck for your sales pitch presentations. It includes 20 master slide layouts with fully customizable layouts.

Marketing & Sales Strategy PowerPoint Template

There are many different types of charts, graphs, and infographics you need to use in your sales presentations to visualize data and key points. This PowerPoint template includes 30 unique slides you can use to add some of the most popular charts and graphs to your presentations. There are slides for sales cycles, planning, strategy model, B2C and B2B strategy plans, and much more.

B2B Marketing and Sales PowerPoint Template

Whether you’re working on a smart strategy for your B2B marketing approach or creating a master plan to beat your competitors, this B2B marketing PowerPoint template will help you create the best presentation to showcase your plan. It includes a total of 60 slide layouts that can be used to create both marketing and sales presentations.

Sales Meeting – Free PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template that comes with a set of slides you can create professional slide decks for sales meetings. It features 30 unique slides with modern designs and fully customizable layouts.

Free Sales Planning Process PowerPoint Template

With this free PowerPoint template, you can create visual presentations for your sales process presentations. There are 35 different slides included in this template that you can edit and customize to change colors, fonts, and images.

Sales – Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

This professional PowerPoint sales presentation template uses a beautiful color scheme to create a consistent look across all its slides. The template lets you choose from 40 different slide designs to create slideshows for all kinds of sales and marketing presentations. The template includes master slides as well.

Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template

Sales funnels are an important part of creating an effective sales strategy. With this PowerPoint template, you can create a presentation to showcase your plan for sales funnels with lots of visual elements. There are 20 unique master slide layouts included in this template that feature important charts, graphs, and infographics for sales funnel presentations.

Sales Proposal PowerPoint Template

With this PowerPoint presentation, you can create professional slideshows for presenting your sales proposals. The template comes with some of the most important slides for sales slide decks, including slides for showcasing your marketing plan and business strategy. Each slide comes in 5 pre-made color schemes as well.

Anasalez – Sales Analysis PowerPoint Presentation

You can make a complete visual analysis of your sales process or plans using this useful PowerPoint template. It comes with more than 50 unique slides that are designed specifically for sales presentations. Each slide is available in both light and dark color themes as well as 10 pre-made color schemes.

Sales and Digital Funnel PowerPoint Templates

This professional PowerPoint template allows you to create more effective slides for showcasing your sales funnels. There are 20 different styles of sales funnel designs included in this template. Each slide can be customized to your preference to change colors, fonts, and images.

Free Creative Sales Strategy Presentation Template

Another free PowerPoint template for creating sales strategy presentations. This template has over 30 unique slides with very creative designs. It features colorful shapes, illustrations, and graphs as well.

Free Sales Process PowerPoint Infographic Slides

Grab this free PowerPoint template to design effective presentations for outlining your sales process. It includes 32 unique slides with many different styles of sales infographic designs.

Dashi – Sales Report PowerPoint Presentation

Dashi is a PowerPoint template made just for professional marketers. You can use it to design visual and beautiful slideshows for presenting your sales dashboards and reports. The template has 10 slides featuring more than 30 character positions, over 2000 vector icons, and 30 business concepts. Each slide is available in light and dark color themes as well as 30 pre-made color schemes.

Sales Pitch Presentation PowerPoint Template

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint template for making all kinds of pitch proposals. Whether it’s a sales pitch, marketing pitch, or even startup pitch decks, this template can handle them all. There are more than 120 unique slides in this template with 6 different color schemes to choose from, making it a total of over 800 slides.

Sales Playbook PowerPoint Template

Creating an attractive slideshow for your sales and marketing campaigns will get much easier when you have this PowerPoint template at your side. It features over 35 unique slide layouts with professional designs. Everything in each slide design, including the colors, fonts, shapes, and images are fully customizable as well.

Sales Process PowerPoint Presentation Template

Use this PowerPoint template to create slides with visual diagrams and graphs for presenting your sales process in a professional way. There are 40 unique slides in this template with useful sales process designs. Each slide is available in 10 different pre-made color schemes, which makes it a total of 400 slides to choose from.

Kanigara – Marketing & Sales PowerPoint Template

Kanigara is another multipurpose PowerPoint template that comes with modern and stylish slides for making all kinds of sales presentations. The template features over 40 slides with beautiful layouts. There are lots of creative graphs, charts, and graphics included in this presentation.

Felicia – Free Sales Presentation PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with lots of colorful and creative slide designs for making sales presentations that will surely leave your mark. It includes more than 20 unique slides. And it comes in both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

Ardall – Free Sales Presentation Template

Ardall is another free PowerPoint template that’s also available in Google Slides format. This template features a set of modern and professional slides for making sales and marketing presentations. There are 20 slide layouts included in the template.

B2B and B2C Digital Marketing & Sales Presentation

This PowerPoint template works perfectly for creating presentations for both B2B and B2C marketing slideshows. The template includes over 35 unique slides and you can choose from 5 pre-made color schemes as well. The slides are easily customizable to your preference.

Real Estate Marketing & Sales PowerPoint Template

If you’re working on a marketing presentation for a real estate agency, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It includes 50 unique slides that are designed with property and real estate marketing presentations in mind. They are available in 7 different color schemes.

3D Stairs Diagram for Sales Process Presentation

The stairs diagram is commonly used in marketing and sales presentations to showcase various stats and reports. This PowerPoint template will help you add such diagrams to your presentations with ease. It includes 6 unique slides with 3D-like stair diagram designs.

Ozone – Sales & Marketing Portrait PowerPoint Template

Ozone is a creative PowerPoint template that comes in portrait-style slide designs. There are 50 unique slides included in the template with over 60 master slide layouts to choose from. It features transition animations and infographics as well.

For more great presentation templates, check out our best professional PowerPoint templates collection.

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