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Web Design & SEO

Ingenie Designs offers cutting edge Web Design, utilising WordPress, and the in house Ingenie Theme that is very extendable and easy to customise. This gives you the power to easily edit and add content.

The Ingenie Theme power 90% of Projects I work on, and going forward will power every WordPress project.

Ingenie Projects

Tempo Fitness

Tempo Fitness is a Stratford based Fitness Trainer who came to me feeling dissatisfied with their Web-hosting and development services.
The design of the site has been tweaked to fix missing/broken images. The SEO has been changed to better reflect the content of the website.

The email has been hooked into gmail to allow for access to G-Suite and collaborative Technology.

This project involved site migration and code cleanup. The site has been optimised to improve speed, performance and SEO scores.

Click the image to view the Website

LMC Trackers

LMC Trackers is a UK based Car Tracking Service. This project involved setting up and securing the Server. Compiling the Android Application and creating the companion website.

Click the image above to visit LMC Trackers

LMC Trackers utilises the Ingenie Theme and is a slick, eye catching site that is meant to be informative and incredibly easy to navigate. Ingenie Designs created Promotional materials for LMC Trackers, and handles email and SSL.